The importance of relationship

We spend hours managing the three levers of success: Time, money and energy. But how often do we invest time in taking care of our relationships? Our circle of acquaintances is an important resource and can bring growth and prosperity.

The digital world has changed the way we communicate with our family, friends, colleagues, but also with potential customers. When some managers are still using old-school methods (networking events, chamber breakfasts, 1-to-1 coffee meetings…), you have the choice to continue to just hand out your business cards or you can choose to combine them with many new online tools. The point is: How can you create a magic formula for generating leads consistently with internet?


Human nature

Why do we reject sales call from a complete stranger? Our human modern brains operate essentially the same way today as they did in the days of the caveman. We are more cooperative with members of our tribe and more hostile to others. So, when you receive a cold call from someone you have never met, you don’t respond because you are suspicious. How can you transform this sceptical attitude in a trustful relation?

Firstly, you need to approach your prospects with positive words (success, celebrate, win, affordable, profit, future…), using optimistic communications will trigger positive emotions in their brain. Make sure to stay positive even when you are talking about loss. Secondly and in addition to the previous point, you need to share good news. There are a lot of negative topics you probably want to discuss with your potential or loyal customers and how you can help them with this. But if you constantly tell that they are going to lose something, they will turn you away.

Follow this method and they will associate you with the good feelings and thoughts. Your second step is to earn their trust. You are not the common salesperson who wants to separate them from their money. You are the one who isn’t going to tell them all about your company and your products. Therefore, talk to them about themselves, their needs and use your expertise to share ways to meet those needs. Sales will come later.


Convert cold prospects to warm leads with internet

Your priority is to find the most efficient way. Web marketing in general isn’t the problem if your campaigns haven’t worked. It is probably your approach based on old beliefs, buying banner ads, pop-ups, radio commercials, telemarketing… You need to stop this type of “interruption marketing” because it is not efficient anymore. Nowadays everyone is trying to block these ads (example with AdBlock in Google Chrome).

Through modern digital platforms such as LinkedIn, you can target thousands of people. LinkedIn has 467 million professionals in 200 countries. In the way that being on Facebook is essential to connect with family and friends, setting up a LinkedIn profile has become something you just need to do if you are a business professional. Potential clients are going to check your digital footprint before doing associating or doing business with you: Company websites, google reviews, social media communities… and your LinkedIn profile. Using your LinkedIn profile to build credibility:

Make your LinkedIn profile professional. You need to demonstrate that you are the best in your area. Your LinkedIn profile is proof that you are qualified and people can trust you. Don’t be shy or modest about your strengths. You can build your profile up in LinkedIn using the following features:


  1. Write a killer summary: Don’t leave the summary blank. This is your chance to describe who you are and what you’re passionate about. Make it personal (write your summary in first person to keep it human), while also highlighting key accomplishments you don’t want anyone to miss. Make your summary keyword rich for searches. You can find some good tips here.
  1. Customise your profile URL and use it on your supporting materials (business cards, email signature, website, flyer…). It’s an easy way for people to connect with you.
  1. Have the right profile picture and headline: Having a high-quality, recent profile picture of yourself, that appropriately describes your role in your industry will be the safest bet. You are 7 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn when you have a photo. Your headline should be catchy and keyword rich. This is the first impression, make it stand out.
  1. Boost your endorsements & recommendations: Firstly, give endorsements & recommendations to others. This is a chance to help your colleagues or partners, and it establishes you as an authority. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations. Use your current network and you find people who are happy to recommend your work; ask them to do so on LinkedIn. The best approach is to ask in person or to write a personal email sincerely expressing what their recommendation would mean to you.
  1. Build a multimedia profile: Most profiles on LinkedIn are just plain text, how boring is that? Build a visual profile and you’ll instantly stand out. You can share in your LinkedIn profile: presentations, photos, videos, links, PDFs and more. So, use it to your advantage and show off your creative work.
  1. Be active and take action:
    1. Publishing on LinkedIn provides more value to connections who view your profile.
    2. Your connections are notified each time you publish a post on LinkedIn.
    3. Your network can share your LinkedIn post, opening you up to a larger and previously unreached audience.
    4. Publishing valuable content on LinkedIn positions you as an authority on your topic.


Your LinkedIn strategy to generate leads:

  1. LinkedIn campaign:
  • Target your ideal prospect

Start by identifying the industries, then the geographic areas, the size of the company and finally the decision makers you are trying to reach. To do this you can look at your current customers and establish a typical profile. Make a list of different job titles and search on LinkedIn with the industries, geographic areas and company size you chose. You should find thousands of new prospects.

  • Connect with them

Be sure every prospect is active on LinkedIn before starting to send invitation (Check the presence of a profile picture, the number of connections and profile information).

Your next step is to invite them to connect with you with a proper personal message: his first name, a special mention you admire about his company and something you have in common. Don’t sell anything in your invitation.

  • Share interesting facts

You are now connected with some cold prospects but you have an advantage you didn’t have before: you know their life and you can contact them directly. It is time to send a few friendly messages and to share things that might interest them. Here is an example in three steps:

→ Message 1:” Hey Charles, thanks for connecting. Congrats on your success”.

→ Message 2: “I came across this article the other day, I really thought you might be into it. Would really love to hear your thoughts”

→ Message 3: “Hey Charles, we’ve have been touching base here on LinkedIn for a while. It’d be great to learn more about your business. Do you have time for a call next week?

One message every two or three weeks, it takes time to do this but with a personal and friendly message with your OWN WORDS, you will make your prospect feel important.

  • Track your campaign

Don’t forget to make a file (google drive, excel, CRM…) where you put all the information of your campaign. You have to track and get a clear picture of your results. The data will help you know what to adjust to improve your results.


  1. LinkedIn group:
  • Search interesting groups

Firstly, you can search for and join some of the different groups that have been created around all sorts of subject matter and interests. There are over 2 million LinkedIn groups. Once you are a member, you can post content and put yourself in the forefront. In addition to just sharing post, you can also get involved in discussions in your groups.

  • Create a community

Secondly, you can create a community and provide value to them with articles, resources and business information. Create google alerts based on keywords and topics to find your content or you can use platform like buzzsumo or feedly. You can also ask a simple question to the entire group to start an active discussion.

This is not a sales tool however it will make clarify the kind of job you are doing. The bigger your group grows; the more you will put your name in front of hundreds or thousands of people, and become a leader. Try to position your group as exclusive and for high-level people. Invite all of your connections to join the group and ask others members of others groups in a personal message if they are interested about joining your group. You need to recruit some active people in others groups in order to have engagement in your group. Do not hesitate to promote your group on your social media properties and on your website.


  1. LinkedIn Webinars

A webinar, “web” and “seminar”, is a live online lesson or class that hundreds of people can watch simultaneously. This is a tool that can boost your credibility and leadership status. A webinar is like giving a PowerPoint presentation in front of a room full of people. The difference is that you can reach hundreds or thousands of prospects anywhere in the world from your home.

Louis Cordelette